Puppy Training Assistance

Puppy Training Assistance

Training your puppy is not just about entertaining your friends with a dog that can roll over other “silly tricks”. The act of training helps to strengthen an important bond between dog and human, while positions you as the alpha dog. In addition, many of the training commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “come” could actually save your dog’s life one day.

At Tri-County Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of a well-balanced puppy and would like to assist you with any training questions that you may have. In addition to private dog training, we also suggest training your dog in a classroom setting amongst a group of other dogs and dog owners. We would be happy to direct you to upcoming classes in Wayne, New Jersey or the surrounding area.

Housebreaking and Training

Now is the time to start working with your puppy so that he or she can be a loving part of the family. Starting from day one – Crate training is the best way to housebreak your new puppy. Consistency and patience are important when working with new puppies. In addition to your puppy’s home schooling, our staff at Tri-County Animal hospital can recommend inexpensive group classes for basic training.

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